Rules and regulations

Consult the rules and regulations related to the rental of micro-cabins and trailer sites at the Coulonge Adventure Private Park.

Regulations for tenants
of the Coulonge Adventure private park

  1. The renter agrees to abide by all the rules and regulations, without exception, and to enforce them to his guests and visitors. *A fee of $25/guest is charged.
  2. One-bedroom cabins can accommodate a maximum of 4 people. Two-bedroom cabins can accommodate a maximum of 6 people.
  3. The renter must depart before 11 a.m.
  4. Quiet hours are from 11 p.m. to 8 a.m. However, respect for others is required at all times. We strongly suggest that those who like to make a mess, make noise and loud music, choose another place because for one, we do not want to disappoint, and because we want to preserve the peaceful environment on the Aventure Coulonge site.
  5.  The maximum speed limit on the site is 20km/h and must be respected, otherwise an eviction could be incurred.
  6. Renters must park all vehicles on their site or in the designated parking area.
  7. Bicycle traffic is permitted from sunrise to sunset.
  8. We are pleased to welcome pet dogs as long as our policy is respected. Dogs are allowed on the renter's site only and must be kept on a leash at all times. They must not be left unattended under any circumstances. The owner must pick up his dog’s poop IMMEDIATELY. The owner must practice good behaviour management and ensure that there is no unnecessary barking. Failure to comply with a rule will result in immediate expulsion without refund.
  9. Any games played on the renter's site must be done in a safe and discreet manner.
  10. It is strictly forbidden to cut, prune, bark, and damage trees. Respect for the environment and vegetation is required. The collection of dead wood is strictly forbidden to make fires. Only wood sold on site is authorized for outdoor fires.
  11. Children must be accompanied and supervised at all times.
  12. Garbage must be put in a knotted bag and must be deposited in the containers provided to that effect.
  13. It is strictly forbidden to use a table barbecue on a picnic table. Only barbecues provided by Aventure Coulonge will be accepted.
  14. Fires are only allowed using the equipment provided, while respecting the warning of risk of propagation of forest fires issued by the SOPFEU.
  15. It is strictly forbidden to smoke inside the cabin. It is forbidden to put out cigarettes on the ground of the lot or throw cigarette ends around the lake. Possession, consumption and trafficking of drugs will not be tolerated (including cannabis). Consuming cannabis or its by-products can produce strong odours. Please respect your neighbours.
  16. Firearms, air guns, arrows, firecrackers, and fireworks are not allowed on the site. 
  17. The sites must be always left clean and in good condition.
  18. The river is not supervised and is not landscaped. Swimming is at your own risk. The depth of the water as well as the flow can change very quickly.
  19. When you leave, the cottage must be left clean and in the same condition as when you arrived. Damage, breakage, or theft will be charged to your credit card.
  20. No trade or solicitation of any kind will be tolerated without special authorization.
  21. The management assumes no responsibility for damage to your personal property, theft, fire, etc.
  22. The management is not responsible for any physical or moral damage.
  23. Management reserves the right to expel, without compensation, any visitor deemed undesirable or not complying with these rules.
  24. The management reserves the right to modify these rules and to add new ones without notice.

Credit card required for reservation
and cancellation policy

  1. At the time of reservation, we ask you for a 50% deposit of the total of the invoice which is non-refundable.
  2. For any cancellation, you must respect the delay of 7 days prior to your arrival. If applicable, the balance of the payment will be charged to you in full.
  3. Un dépôt de garantie de 250 $ en cas de bris ou de dommages est demandé à votre arrivée et vous sera remboursé dans les 48 h à 72 h suivant votre départ.
  4. Final and full payment must be made upon arrival at the site.
  5. An ID must also be presented at your arrival on the site.
  6. Vous devez avoir 21 ans et plus pour effectuer une réservation.